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Workplace Vaccine Policies

As the various phases for COVID-19 vaccinations progress, employers should inform themselves about the issues around workplace vaccine policies. Fisher Phillips Law Partner and Washington state employment law expert Catharine Morisset gave Seattle Restaurant Alliance members a briefing on workplace vaccine policies and considerations when deciding to have a mandatory or voluntary vaccine policy for your workplace.

Morisset says an important element to keep in mind with regards to information presented about vaccine workplace policies is that the information is constantly changing on a daily basis, so information presented should be read with that in mind. To help understand various elements, Morisset prepared this presentation with links to Fisher Phillips Law resources, templates and forms—free to members of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance. To download the presentation with links to the resources,

SRA - COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations -
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Morisset broke the subject down into the most common topics and questions employers have, starting with the key laws employers should familiarize themselves with that apply to workplace vaccine policies. A core concept is to have a strong business reason and justification for your vaccine workplace policy and be able to clearly articulate that. To see the webinar, click here.

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