• Jacque Coe

Third Party Delivery Complaints

Updated: Jan 14

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has received complaints about third-party restaurant delivery services. Specifically, when a third-party service implies it is authorized to deliver for a restaurant, it could damage the restaurant’s reputation if the service performs poorly or charges unfair fees. Complaints from customers say bills are sometimes higher than expected due to membership or delivery fees, and restaurant operators find menus posted on the websites of third-party restaurant delivery services did not match the actual restaurant menus.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has issued guidance for companies offering third-party delivery of restaurant meals to stem problems. You can view the guidance here. If you have repeated problems and have been unable to resolve with the third party delivery operators, you can file a complaint here.

Last year, Gov. Jay Inslee issued a new emergency proclamation capping delivery fees for third-party delivery platforms at 15 percent of the price of the order, and total fees at 18 percent. The proclamation went into effect Nov. 25. Violating that proclamation would also violate the Consumer Protection Act.

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