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Susannah Dhamdhere of Lassi & Spice

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Susannah opened her Indian-inspired café, Lassi & Spice, in January of 2019 and started her first restaurant. Coming from a corporate and non-profit background, including Starbucks for eight years, she wanted to create her own concept and open a café that allowed her use to all her skills, even the constant challenge and need to problem solve. Being a moment of joy and connection in a customer’s day is her favorite thing.

Her Starbucks background taught Susannah about building an enduring brand through how you treat people, both customers and staff. Her husband is Indian, and over the years she’s come to love Indian culture and especially Indian cuisine but wanted to create an experience in Seattle that celebrated Indian cuisine while making it modern and approachable. “I describe Lassi & Spice as a place where you can grab an amazing cup of chai, or an Indian filter coffee (available NOWHERE in this coffee-crazy city….until now!), a tasty traditional breakfast or a light lunch or snack. And of course, a lassi, which is an Indian yogurt smoothie.”

As an early stage restauranteur, Susannah says the SRA has been tremendously helpful and she’s absorbed information like a sponge. “For example, SRA’s tools helped me build an employee handbook that complied with all current and upcoming regulations as well as industry best practices,” she says. “I also look to make connections from restauranteurs who have decades of experience, or those who are a few growth stages ahead of me. Where I can, I offer up my own experience and look to others to advise me on the challenges I’m having. It takes a village, and the SRA is my village.”

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