• Jacque Coe

Seattle Tops List of State Restaurant Closures

The economic effects of the pandemic on an industry with a normally razor thin profit margin are brutal. The closure of restaurants all across Washington—and how it impacts employees and their families, and owners--has been incredibly difficult financially and emotionally.

The Washington Hospitality Association created an extensive call program in September to determine actual restaurant closures in the state. The call program ran in September and October and our employees called 15,000 establishments in that two-month period.

Seattle reported the largest number of closures statewide, with 624 restaurants closing in the period from March to September. Over a thousand restaurants—1023 to be exact—were recorded as closed in King county alone. The vast majority statewide—nearly 90%--are independent restaurants and more than a third are in the full-service category.

The closure rate underscores the need for relief for restaurants fighting to survive amid the extension of current business restrictions until January 4. If you’d like to help keep our restaurants alive, please share your personal stories with the Governor, lawmakers, and agency directors. How has this latest closure and COVID-19 impacted you, your business, your employees and your customers? Share your story here.

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