• Jacque Coe

Seattle Mayor Announces New Changes to Support Curbside Food Pickup Near Restaurants

Mayor Jenny Durkan announced today the conversion of some on-street parking spaces into temporary loading zones to allow curbside food pickup from local restaurants. The move is among the recommendations made by the Seattle Restaurant Alliance local government affairs team to support members. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will convert the on-street parking spaces into temporary loading zones in areas with high concentrations of restaurants on blocks that do not otherwise have enough loading options.

The first locations are cited based on areas that have seen a reduction in paid parking traffic over the last several weeks. SDOT will identify additional locations to place curbside pickup signs in coordination with Seattle Restaurant Alliance, Greater Seattle Business Association and the Office of Economic Development. Restaurants can request a loading zone near their establishment by calling (206) 684-ROAD. To read more details, click here.

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