• Jacque Coe

Seattle Hospitality Associations Sign Small Business Pledge for Public Safety

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Seattle Restaurant Alliance and the Seattle Hotel Association have both signed on to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) proposed by the Seattle Neighborhood Business Districts between the Mayor, City Council and the districts. The MOU outlines expectations of the small business community in areas of public safety and representation. SRA President Linda Di Lello Morton and Seattle Hotel Association President Sean O'Rourke both signed letters of support.

The proposal by the neighborhood districts comes in the wake of protests in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, clashes between protesters and police, property damage, calls for defunding the police and the sudden retirement of Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

While not contractual in nature, the MOU outlines areas of public safety commitment the City of Seattle is expected to fulfill. The MOU covers basic safety and security commitments for residents, employees, customers and small business owners, managers, property owners and crime victims. The document also calls for representation of small businesses in public safety conversations and city departments. Finally, the MOU asks for the establishment of an Office of Victims of Criminal Acts to provide counseling and advocacy for crime victims.

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