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Phase 2 Reopening Resources

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Together with our state team, we've developed the Coronavirus Hub, a searchable website of fresh daily content and information including articles, webinars, resources, templates, sources, etc. with special sections for reopening, relief packages, employee support, health department updates, Liquor Control Board, operations and more to help bars and restaurants reopen safely.

  • Coronavirus Restaurant Reopening Guide-A comprehensive guide to reopening your business safely and within compliance requirements. Included are:

  • Templates for written procedures and self-inspection checklists required by the state.

  • An extensive table of contents with links to articles and resources to find tools fast.

  • Official requirements for restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries and distilleries.

  • Webinars, resources and more on operations, workplace safety and more.

  • Stay Safe Washington A campaign to show how wearing a mask today saves jobs tomorrow. For resources to be a partner to support mask usage, click here.

  • Mask Up Washington.

  • Poster The Seattle Restaurant Alliance has developed a customer facing poster to help your front of the house teams encourage customers to mask up. This poster--which references the state order--is intended to support your teams. Click here.

  • Sourcing Masks. King County has partnered with local chambers to provide cloth face coverings, disposable masks, and hand sanitizer to businesses in King County to help keep employees healthy and safe. Click here.

  • Phase 2 Reopening Guide-With templates for written procedures and self-inspection checklists required by the state, specifically designed for restaurants and taverns.

  • Webinar: Officials Re-Opening Guidelines-Our primer on reopening.

  • Webinars: Re-opening Requirements by Topic-Browse shorter videos by topic.

  • Sourcing & Relaunch Supplies. A list of companies with supplies you need.

  • SRA Restaurant Safety Signage for Windows. Click below to download.

  • SRA Restaurant Interior Signage for Customers. Click below to download.

  • COVID workplace posters from county health (translations coming soon). Click here.

  • Healthy Business Streets Guidance for temporary changes to business district street design and use.

  • One-Stop Shop for Pandemic Resources: Recovery WA has an online resource for individuals, businesses and non-profits impacted by the pandemic. Click here.

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