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King County Publishes Testing Sites, Translations and Resources

Testing for coronavirus is key to ensure sick employees isolate themselves and stop the spread of the virus. To promote testing and make it accessible, Public Health – Seattle & King County is sharing some guidelines for businesses about testing, and translating a list of coronavirus testing sites—regardless of immigration or insurance status.

Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County Patty Hayes, RN, MN says, “Get a test as quickly as possible when you have COVID symptoms or when you’ve been around someone with confirmed COVID.” Here's what businesses should know:

  • Testing at these sites is available to anyone unable to obtain a test through their regular healthcare provider.

  • Because testing capacity is limited, only get tested if you have symptoms or know you’ve been exposed to a confirmed case.

  • Call your healthcare provider first but if you have none, call and make an appointment with a testing site below.

  • Employers should not require testing or a doctor’s note for an employee to return to work.

  • Employees who have been ill should isolate themselves for ten days after the start of symptoms AND only after they’ve not had a fever for at least 24 hours without taking medications to reduce their fever.

  • Employees who test positive but have never developed any symptoms should quarantine for ten days after receiving their positive test before returning to work.

Testing locations have been translated and published into posters for ease of communicating. Calling the number listed to make an appointment is required—especially since days and hours of operations change. Language interpretation services are available at all locations at no cost. To see the list of sites, click here.

To share the testing information, the county has developed social media graphics and messages for easy distribution. Click here to see the social posts.

A state Department of Health poster which shows the risks associated with masks and distancing can help promote awareness. Click here for the poster.

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