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Help Secure Federal Relief For Our Restaurant Industry

The National Restaurant Association has been advocating at the federal level on behalf of the industry to get restaurants included in the federal package. Congress will be discussing a federal relief package--possibly over the weekend. We need your help today to ensure restaurant relief is properly addressed in this package.

Please click here to use their tool to tell your message about our local impacts.

Key points are:

  • Local restaurants have seen swift and dramatic impacts as a result of the spread of COVID-19, impacts which have grown more significant each day.

  • While we believe the decision to close restaurants and bars is necessary to protect our community, we also know that it will have a significant and far-reaching impacts on our local restaurants and their employees and their families.

  • Many restaurants have already made the difficult decision to temporarily or permanently close due to the impacts of COVID-19. With very thin margins, many of our local restaurants have been teetering on the edge, and this crisis has been enough to push some over. Still others are actively working to provide or expand delivery and take-out in hopes they can continue to serve their community and provide shifts to employees.

  • We are grateful for the efforts already made to identify relief for impacted employees and businesses.

  • But more help--especially federal help--is urgently needed immediately.

  • Topping this list of needs is expanded access to capital, especially in the form of federal grants.

Federal funding is critical to provide recovery relief to our restaurants. By taking action, you can tell your personalized story about how this has impacted you, your employees, and your industry and call on the President and Congress for their support of a national restaurant recovery plan. This plan provides direct and targeted relief designed to benefit restaurant and foodservice businesses of every size in every corner of the country.

Please take a few moments to use this tool to contact Congress.

We need Congress to act—and act fast.

Click here for the Action Alert

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