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Administrative Rules Published for Commuter Benefits Ordinance

Seattle’s Commuter Benefits Ordinance took effect January 1. Businesses with 20 or more employees must either allow a covered employee to make a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction for transit or vanpool expenses or subsidize all or part of a monthly transit pass. The final administrative rules have been published, and clarify what it means to fully or partially subsidize the cost of a transit pass for the purposes of compliance. Enforcement begins January 1, 2021.

In December, Anna Boone submitted public comment on the rules on behalf of SRA and SHA. Important pieces of our feedback were incorporated in the final rules, including clarifying that employers who offer subsidized transit passes are in compliance, whether or not an employee accepted the offer and the pass was purchased. For more details, as well as information about the ALICE business solutions and Commute Seattle, visit the Resources page of the SRA website.

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